Super Trucks Racing (known as Super Trucks in Europe) is a truck-based driving video game for the PlayStation 2 that was developed by Jester Interactive, the same team that created the MTV Music Generator series. This truck racing title features all official trucks, drivers, teams, sponsors, circuits, logos, and locations in the 2002 season of the Super Trucks racing series. The game is best known for its physics engine, which was one of the most realistic during the time.

Super Trucks Racing provides exciting challenges, with a good AI system which responds really well to a player's aggressive driving skills. The game has different game modes, including: championship (whereby one progresses through increasingly more difficult championships), single race (a mode that has one racing against the computer or a friend), arcade (consists of an arcade timing feature that is not that different from traditional racing games), time trial (up to one hundred hours can be recorded in this mode, with an infinite number of laps), and elimination (with ten drivers racing against each other until only one is left standing as the overall winner).

The game is highly recommended for people who live and breathe racing games because it offers an exciting, adrenaline fueled rush that race fans look for. It can also be recommended simply because it successfully emulates the sport of truck racing really well (plus it was sold for a very reasonable price at the time). In the game, refueling is not required, but a player does need to control the temperature of his/her truck's brakes -- by using water to cool them down. This can be done manually or automatically, which the player can set through the game menu. The amount of water to cool the brakes is limited though, which means the automatic brake cooling feature does not guarantee that the temperature of the brakes will stay cool throughout the races, particularly in longer ones. This adds a unique dynamic to the game.

Many considered Super Trucks Racing a breath of fresh air because the truck racing games back then were mostly exaggerated, arcade styled, silly-humored in nature. Super Trucks Racing was the first game in a while that took the sport seriously, and made race fans remember the fact that truck racing is actually a legit motorsport.

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